Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Surprising Miss!

(Saturday was the Bigfork CBC, but not much to blog about)

Sunday, the 21st, Pete Smith and I decided we would engage in some twitching. For nonbirders, that sounds just plain retarded, but it really means to drive a good distance to see one or two rare birds.

A week earlier, a PINE WARBLER was reported in Eureka, MT. A sleepy little town closer to the Canada border then to other humans. The Pine Warbler stayed for a week, and was seen every signal day, so we were already 99% sure we would see the bird. Arriving at Lewis's house, there isn't much feeder activity, but it soon picks up. Lewis brings up the fact that they had found a DUNLIN five minutes from there the day earlier. Not wanting to miss another state bird, we head off to find this geographically and meteorologicaly challenged Dunlin. That wasn't a hard twitch. The bird was right where it should have been. We got very good views!

Having our fill of Dunlin, we go back to Lewis's house and resume feeder watching for a rarity. After SEVERAL more hours, the sun sack too low to see anything, and we had to leave, warblerless.

Oh well, at least we sw a Dunlin.

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