Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pipits and Swallows

These Tree Swallows were very cooperative last Saturday. Suprisingly, (besides small amouts of Violet-greens) they are the only swallow here yet. Usually, they show up a few weeks before the rest start to show up, but they have been here for a full MONTH and no other swallow species or more numbers of Violet-green Swallows have shown up!!

Last Friday at work, I was fortunate enough to have my camera, AND get really close to multipule American Pipits feeding in the soccer fields. Notice the variations in the three individuals. I guess they are of different subspecies, migrating to their breeding grounds.

First set of new photos

Believe it or not, this is a Red Ants' nest on the 4th of April!! That is mucho early for bugs!

Blog Update and news

I have not fallen of the face of the earth, in case you were wondering. I have been very overrun by school, and after-school job, and homework; so I am reforming my blog to be less words(time consuming) and more photos (one photo could take hundreds of words to explain it)of what I have been seeing lately, and what birds are arriving and departing. I will still give places and funny incidents and what not, but not in a long story-like description of my birding outings, but show my photos, and give a few sentences.

Next post I will add my most recent photos of the new spring arrivals!!