Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pipits and Swallows

These Tree Swallows were very cooperative last Saturday. Suprisingly, (besides small amouts of Violet-greens) they are the only swallow here yet. Usually, they show up a few weeks before the rest start to show up, but they have been here for a full MONTH and no other swallow species or more numbers of Violet-green Swallows have shown up!!

Last Friday at work, I was fortunate enough to have my camera, AND get really close to multipule American Pipits feeding in the soccer fields. Notice the variations in the three individuals. I guess they are of different subspecies, migrating to their breeding grounds.

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  1. Cool! Great to hear from you too. The top and bottom pipits are of the ssp alticola and the middle one is a rubescens.