Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A few good pictures!!

Green Heron!! WOO HOO!! We don't get many of these in Montana, actually I don't know of any records. This was a really dark day hence the crummy photo.
Northern Cardinal!!
This Herring Gull was very cooperative at North Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

Ring-billed Gull
COMMON EIDER! My first lifer of the trip! number 323 for the ABA area.
I didn't grab any photos of any other of my lifers untill the boat trip. No photos of the Terns, or the Saltmarsh Sparrow.

I love Storm-Petrels!! There was hundreds of these Willie Storms (Wilson's Storm-Petrels) all over! It was so cool! I am glad that a Storm-Petrel was my first pelagic bird EVER!


When everyone was freaking out about the Humpback Whales, I saw two Jaegers, and got a positive ID on one, a Parasitic Jaeger!!! My first Jaeger of the three!
Humpbacks feeding!

Northern Gannets were common but scattered throughout the boat tour. That was one of the 7 lifers I got today.

CORY'S SHEARWATER!!!!!!! Appearantly they are very uncommon in New Hampshire waters, but this year they have had several every signal outing! I saw 4 to 5 today!!
Another shot of the Cory's Shearwater!
Pins indicate where costumers are from in a lobster shop in Rye, New Hampshire. Looks like a few NW Montanans!

Hermit Crab!!! WOO HOO!! We don't get many of these in Montana, just one or two a year, mostly around water treatment plants during fall migration.


  1. Hey Josh,
    Looks like you had a great trip, and some great photos!

    Oh - and very nice blog!

  2. At least somebody got some pelagics........
    I don't have a single pelagic bird on my life list. not one. I've seen 556 land birds. that's all.