Friday, November 28, 2008

Some more Gulling

Ring-billed Gulls

Today I got to try out a friends Nikon D80 digital SLR camera at the landfill. There were far less gulls there today then there was the other day. Only about 200 or so today. I quickly noticed the two juvenile Glaucous Gulls, but it took a few seconds to notice the ADULT Glaucous Gull. This was a really beautiful bird. Almost pure white head. There was only one California Gull, and two juvenile Thayer's Gulls. I think part of the lack of birds was we got to the landfill late today. We arrived about 2:45pm and the prime time is from about 12:00pm to about 2:00pm.

Juvenile Glaucous (center) with Adult (bottum center)

Next we ventured to Foy's Lake to search for some scoters. Is was really beautiful there. The sun and clouds made it quite enjoyable, even though I never did find a scoter. We birded on the bad side when we went to the waters edge (see picture!!!) We had brought my dog, Blackie, along for this whole time, and this was her chance to play around.

Birding on the wild sideBlackie looking like the huntin' dog she always wanted to be

Blackie playing in the water

The really cool part of the day was that I WAS DRIVING for the whole entire time. I have to rack up 50 hours before I can get my full license. So that added about 2 hours. Can't wait!!


  1. So you can drive now eh? awesome! Just make sure you pay attention to the road first..... lol Maybe now's a time for a road trip. With you driving. That'll rack up time. Hehe, I love using that as an excuse to go birding.

  2. Nice. I'm also trying to get my fifty hours in. Everyone look out on March 11th!!