Saturday, September 12, 2009

White-crowned Sparrows back in motion

This morning, I check the migration in progress at my neighbors vegetable garden. It was a little slow on variety, only one warbler (Orange-crowned) but the first flock of White-crowned Sparrows has arrived. About a half-dozen birds, mostly adults of the "Gambel's" race, the taiga subspecies that just passes through here, on their way north or south.

It's quite interesting to look at all the different subspecies of various birds in the area. With the amazing Pine Grosbeak invasion we had last winter, I had the chance to get well accustom to the bird, and even look at which subspecies we had. Also, take a look at the subspecies of American Robins. There is about 7 or so distinct subspecies, and they, like all birds, stray from home every now and then. I have found a few Pacific robins here this spring.

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