Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First QUICK test of my new digiscoping setup

Yesterday, I went out to try my new digiscoping setup, but there was NO gulls, NO GULLS at he landfill! I was quite annoyed as the sun came out and was shinning bright! I left and looked for a Harlan's Hawk (Red-tailed Hawk subspecies) and found one, but all the raptors I saw were very skiddish and presented no good photos. Later, at home, I figured out that my memory card that came with the camera is "broken" as in it wont allow you to reviece the photos from it. So, I got a new one, and was ready for gulls for the next day.

Today, in between Christmas shopping, I went to the dump and the sun was shinning and there was GULLS! great! And, as I pulled in, I saw Dan Casey already there and scoping out the gulls. Granted there was not that many birds, or much variety, but there was sure oppertunity for digiscoping. So I got out of my van, and went for my scope and....................where is my scope???? I can't believe I forgot my scope at home! "ha ha um...Dan, may I use your scope to take a few shots?"

Maybe tomorrow everything will aline...

This is the ridge where some of the gulls where roosting, and the next 2 shots are of birds on the top of the ridge.

Not to bad shots of Herring Gulls
See you tomorrow!

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