Saturday, February 7, 2009

Freezing Rain bears NO SCHOOL!!

This morning I was awoke to my mom telling me to get up for school, but to turn the radio on, as she already heard that many other schools were closed. I got up, and got the radio, and started getting ready, when the radio announced every single school in the valley, some I never heard of. It said that Columbia Falls has not responded yet. Hopes were still high. Five minutes later, the announcer said they have finally heard from Columbia Falls, and!! WOO HOO!!! No school!!! - What happened was, it was freezing rain, and it coated the road in about an inch of ice. So, with bad weather, brings no school which gives me a free day to bird, but because of bad weather, my mom wont drive me around, because the schools are closed, because the roads are terrible. That was about how it went.
I got out and walked around the yard, and my local (really local) patch, and saw about no birds, but the ones at my feeders. I did get to take many cool ice-on-stuff pictures.

This is at my local patch, which actually is my neighbors yard. In the spring-summer-fall it is the most amazing place I have birded. There is so many birds there. I actually got a lifer here. Tennessee Warbler last fall. This section of the yard is the sparrow paradise. I have seen Song, Lincoln's, Fox, Chipping, Clay-colored, White-crowned, White-throated, and Harris's Sparrow in there. Right now, nothing is stirring, not even an American Tree Sparrow...or mouse.

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