Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More on Red Crossbills

While being sick and at home from school, I get bored. I found out that my feeders where very attractive to the local Red Crossbills. This morning I had about 30 birds!! I was about to get cabin fever, when I grabbed my camera, and sat near my feeders, photographing the crossbills. Today, they came much closer, and I managed to get some great shots. Also, I got PINE SISKIN as a new year bird!!! It was up in the trees as the 30 Crossbills fed. Number 81 for 2009!


This was an interesting bird. Note the buffy wingbars. Not even "regualr" juvenile Red Crossbills have wingbars.

(above) This is the second record I have for House Sparrow for my feeders!!! Quite exciting if you ask me! They are very uncommon in my yard, hence the second ever record!!

(above) This is an interesting bird. All red with a light cheeks.

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  1. You need a new post! You haven't posted on your blog in longer than I have! New post....new post......new post.......... :D

    Nice Crossbill photos btw. ;)