Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend

I apologize for the delay in posting, somehow the world of school and work gets in the way sometimes.
Well, I stayed home from school Friday (the 13th!! Spooky!), and I got to walk around the yard, and my neighbors yard. The sun decided to be out in the open, well... I should say the clouds decided to leave, becuase the sun does the same thing everyday, but it is whether there is clouds in the way. I got to take a few pictures of birds, even though there was a limited amout of birds at my expence.
I got to photograph this beautiful female American Robin despite the most annoying dog on the FACE OF THE PLANET!!! This dog runs up and down the fence barking and yelling and freaking out, even though I was not on his territory. I was at my neighbors with the magic yard, and the dog next door was FREAKING OUT! It scared off the Pine Grosbeaks, and Dark-eyed Juncos that I could have photographed that were hanging out in the trees along the fence.
This is the face of annoyment.... this little bark-infested dog barks at me with the most annoying pitch that no other dog can reach. Sometimes, I hope it gets hit by a car. Its owners even neglect it.

This is the coolest snag I have seen, and it is even in my front yard!! So many birds have nested in it, and I even put up a blind at an eye-level Pygmy Nuthatch nest for David and Andrew, but somehow the young died, and the parents left.


Saturday, I went to rollorskate, eat an amazing dinner, and watch a couple movies with my amazing girlfriend, but before I left I walked around the yard, and checked a few areas in Columbia Falls.

I am really lazy right now, and I don't want to type much else about Saturday, so please enjoy the photos.

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