Monday, August 31, 2009

First day of the HAWKWATCH

September and much of October is hawkwatching season here int the Flathead. Dan and Susannah Casey found this site in 2007, and in 2008 we started to extensively watching the site, and counting hawks. August 30th this year was the first day data from the site was collected. I think in all we got like 30 birds, and most where Cooper's Hawks. A few Golden Eagles, Sharp-shinned Hawks, Red-taileds, and a Harrier made up the rest.

Last year I came up 8 or so times, and was up for the biggest day last year, 163 birds in a day. That was fantastic!!! I have been looking forward to the hawkwatch since the last time I was up last year. Now I just need to get back up there again!

View from half way up the trail to the ridge or so. Nice to look out over the valley floor.
On the way up, we ran into several Dusky Grouse, including this young bird
View from atop the ridge, now just a quarter mile walk along the ridge top to the left to reach the site
At the site, there were 3 more Dusky Grouse, and they posed nicely, and I managed to get a few nice shots.

View looking north, the direction you should look to spot hawks comming down the ridge.
Again, like in Logan Pass, there was a Golden-mantled Ground-Squirrel running around the site.

Common Raven
Looking back southwest along the ridge we came.

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